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  • Who am I?

    Jacqui Dodds

    I am a working psychotherapist and clinical supervisor with a strong spiritual interest, based primarily on Buddhist philosophy, but interested and well experienced in working with existential conflicts and exploration of many life styles, relationships and spiritual issues. I firmly believe, as a buddhist psychotherapist, that there are many paths to the same place of eventual spiritual enlightenment and depth understanding of how things are.

    My passion is to form a bridge linking the wisdoms of Western psychology with the wisdoms of Buddhist psychology.

    My aspiration is to live and work in an open, inquiring manner that goes beyond the confines of any particular religion or dogma.

    My wish is to use every moment, every experience and every contact with another person, to help uncover what promotes suffering and what promotes wellbeing. What is it to be human? What promotes healing and a sense of fulfillment and purpose in life?
    My desire is for freedom from suffering.

    I am guided by the view that we are all thoroughly conditioned beings, largely motivated by forgotten, repressed or ignored previous learning. Much of this learning and consequent motivating assumptions are hidden in the unconscious but result in habituated emotional, psychological and physical reactions to what is happening right now.

    My interest is in bringing awareness to what we are doing, thinking and feeling in order to show how repetitive patterns of cause and effect can be recognised with mindfulness, and through the therapeutic relationship, and then understood and changed to bring more rewarding results.

    Star Crystal

    East West Wisdoms is intended to interweave and explore the spiritual and therapeutic ideas on healing that have fascinated me for most of my life.

    My hope is to use this site to share, develop and swap ideas on healing and spiritual growth, drawing together the wisdoms developed in the West and in the East, the latter drawn particularly from Buddhist philosophy, spiritual practices and study of the Mind.

    I will be offering you a range of articles inspired by both personal and international events and observations, viewed through a Buddhist lens that prioritises ethical behaviours, loving kindness, compassion and equanimity. Podcasts of audio and video interviews, book reviews, ebooks and meditations are also included.

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    If you would like to contact me directly for Buddhist Psychotherapy or Clinical Supervision, either in person in the Noosa Area of Queensland, or via Skype or phone, please email me on Jacqui@eastwestwisdoms.com.
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