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About Jacqui

Dr Jacqui Dodds PhD (W.Aust); BSW Hon. (Curtin);  AASW (Accredited) Accredited Mental Health Worker (Medicare)


Based in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland of Queensland, Australia and offering supervision and psychotherapy by phone or in person. To contact me for an appointment email me on jacqui@EastWestWisdoms.com.

Who am I?

I am a working psychotherapist with a strong spiritual interest.

My passion is to form a bridge linking the wisdoms of Western psychology with the wisdoms of Buddhist psychology.


I have been a Buddhist meditation practitioner in the Tibetan Kargyu lineage since 1982 and, in more recent years, have periodically taught meditation and basic Buddhist principles to interested members of the public. Over the years, I have been fortunate to attend many spiritual retreats, led by a range of wise and compassionate teachers, and each of these retreats have stimulated major change, growth and healing. I also teach several units of a Diploma in Buddhist Psychotherapy offered in Australia by Sophia College.

This interest in Buddhist thought and practice, and the birth of my third child (ten years after my second child) led me to switch from working as a clay potter to train as a counsellor and social worker. In addition to long term meditation practice, academic and psychotherapeutic training, I believe that my work with clay, nature, building my own house of wood and mud brick (with my partner) and rearing my three children have provided the essential grounding and learning base for who I am today.

To look after my body (that suffers from spinal stenosis and arthritis), I do Tai Chi and Chi Kung most days, usually first thing in the morning before meditating. The doctor who read my X-rays showing spinal stenosis ten years or so ago (in 2002), expressed surprise a few years after the diagnosis that I was not in a wheelchair. I am convinced that it is the Tai Chi and Chi Kung that keep my body flexible and reasonably operational.

For details on my professional training and background as a psychotherapist, counsellor, researcher, writer and clinical supervisor, see "Buddhist Psychotherapy & Supervision" on the menu at top of web page.

3 responses to “About Jacqui”

  1. Roberta Fell says:

    Hi Jacqui,

    I just wanted to check with you about our next supervision session. I tried to find the email you sent me for the last one but I think it has gone to the Anglicare email which I no longer have. I wonder could you send me the time of our next session so I can check that I have not doubled booked myself.
    Warm Regards

  2. Jacqui says:

    Hello Suresh! Your question asking for "further knowledge" and "guidance" is a little too broad for me to answer. It would help me if you could be more precise about (1) problems you may be experiencing or (2) what sort of further knowledge you would like.
    You may, for example, be interested in an ebook we have just published on the internet that describes the various types of health-oriented meditations used by some people suffering from cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. The book is titled 'Meditation and Cancer: Does it help?' and, in addition to the true stories of people's experience of meditation, I give a lot of guidance on some basic meditation methods and some examples of meditations to try. To see if this book is of interest to you, go to: http://meditation-and-cancer-advice.com.
    I hope this is of help to you,

  3. suresh banta says:

    Ihave read the contents of the article above wantto follow the system presently I am doing anapana sati meditation technique for the last one and half year under PSS(Pramid Society of India)headed by Patri Ji I want want furher knowledge andwill the your gidences.Hoping to hear back

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    If you would like to contact me directly for Buddhist Psychotherapy or Clinical Supervision, either in person in the Noosa Area of Queensland, or via Skype or phone, please email me on Jacqui@eastwestwisdoms.com.
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