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Just heard you - or someone close to you - has cancer?

The doctors help... but YOU can tip the scales!

Learn Easy Meditation Techniques To Boost Your Body's Ability To Heal From Cancer!

Turn belly-churning fear to confidence and hope... confusion to a clear way forward

Learn how YOU can tap into your mind's healing ability to find peace, hope and clarity

Here's what Australian cancer survivor and self-help guru, Ian Gawler, has to say about this ebook: "It is a great read: Engaging, informative, practical. A real insight into the real issues people with cancer face; and the bonus here is that real solutions are provided".

Psychotherapist, counselor and cancer researcher, Dr. Jacqui Dodds reveals how cancer patients found meditation helpful and tells you how you, too, can use meditation to support your healing

Dr Jacqui Dodds

Monday 9:30pm

From: Dr. Jacqui Dodds, psychotherapist, counselor and researcher:


Are you wondering what you can do to give yourself the very best chance of healing?

How can you compliment the treatments your doctor offers so that you can keep your mind steady, your spirit up and at the same time get in touch with your body's natural healing ability?

* I have worked for many years with people, like yourselves, who are facing a life threatening cancer diagnosis.

* I have studied and practiced healing meditations since 1982. I also teach meditation.

You may be thinking, "I could never sit still for hours at a time... I don't have the discipline for something like meditation!"

Well, I'm not so sure! With a little help, most people can manage a few minutes to sit quietly and just watch what's going on. It's as easy as that! Or one can practice some helpful techniques when lying in bed, sitting in the garden or going for a walk.

In my eBook "Threatened by Cancer? Meditation DOES Help!" I have combined my experience with the stories of six people (yes, six ordinary people) who took part in my research study into the use of meditation as a healing strategy for cancer.

Lorna, Bernadette, David, Sylvia, Dee, Lillian and I spent many weeks together sharing their journeys and their experience of using meditation as a major part of their healing strategy.

Note: Cancer research shows that meditation reduces stress, depression and anxiety in cancer patients. Meditation increases confidence and supports remission!

"Who are the people in this research?" I hear you ask.

They are just ordinary people like you and I - wives, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, husbands, brothers, sisters - all facing this unexpected turn in their lives. What they have in common is a strong desire to explore meditation and how it might help with their cancer diagnosis.

They found that meditation brought hope, direction and peace ... and that this really helped when threatened by cancer...

Meditation calmed their fears and pointed how to heal their lives and, for some, their bodies.

Bernadette's journey ...

Bernadette was diagnosed with bowel cancer and after initial treatment was told there was no need to do anything special. When, a couple of years later, she got secondaries in the liver and spine she realized she had to make some changes and it was then, among other complementary therapies, that she turned to meditation.

Dee's journey ...

Dee has had cancer three times - first in her thirties. Initially in the cervix, then later secondaries in the lymph nodes and lung. Dee felt that she might have avoided getting secondaries if she had commenced serious meditation and improved her diet immediately after her initial diagnosis and treatment. The doctors expected her to die but she believes she's alive because of these changes.

Sylvia's journey ...

Sylvia was in her forties when diagnosed with breast cancer. Initially she attended a support group and thought meditation looked "pretty weird". Curiosity got the better of her and it was only after she realized her own mortality that she really got into the practice of meditation. Six years later and officially a "survivor", she's hooked!

David's journey ...

David had recently commenced meditation practice to reduce stress from his high powered job prior to his diagnosis. When diagnosed with a brain tumor, he determined to get into the meditation more seriously and to experience it at a deeper level and, at the same time, reduce the stress of his work and illness.

Lorna's journey ...

Lorna was diagnosed with breast cancer in her late thirties She decided to rely entirely on meditation and holistic healing ideas of working with her mind, immune system and spirituality, rather than have surgery and chemotherapy.

Lillian's journey ...

Lillian had been a regular meditator but unhappy in her marriage. Since her diagnosis with ovarian, bowel and lung cancer, she recognized that she needed to slow down and express her emotions more. She feared that she had previously used meditation as a method of "opting out of reality" (escaping her unhappiness) rather than making necessary changes.

Jacqui's journey ...

Jacqui says - "I am the only member of the group not to have experienced a cancer diagnosis or other life threatening illness. However, both meditation and psychotherapy were critical in healing serious skin conditions associated with the trauma of early childhood sexual abuse that had been covered up as 'too extreme to be remembered' until I was forty years old."

I am now making the results of this research available to a much wider audience and know it will be really useful to people like you who want to actively add to traditional treatments.

Ian Gawler, renowned cancer survivor from supposedly incurable bone cancer in the 1970's, agrees with me that meditation can be the key to improved health and wellbeing. Here's what he says about this book:

Reading Jacqui Dodds' excellent ebook, "Threatened by Cancer? Meditation DOES Help", brings to mind an old Tibetan saying: An old patient is more useful than a young doctor! While somewhat irreverent, this observation does point to the value of learning from those with direct experience. Theories are useful; knowledge, hopes and optimism have their place; but, in the end, what works in practice is most valuable.

Listen to this snippet from the start of
Jacqui's interview with Ian Gawler (3 min)
In 'Threatened by Cancer? Meditation DOES Help!', Jacqui brings to life six people's stories whom she supported and researched as they dealt with their own particular cancers. The result is a great read. Engaging, informative, practical. A real insight into the real issues people with cancer face; and the bonus here is that real solutions are provided.

Jacqui highlights key principles: how to keep the mind steady, the spirits up and how to access the body's natural ability to heal.

The real gem on offer in 'Threatened by Cancer? Meditation DOES Help!' is hope. There is genuine hope in page after page. Genuine hope based on the opportunity this ebook provides for you to not only be inspired by wonderful, personal stories, but to learn mind based techniques like meditation and guided imagery that I know from my own personal and clinical experience reliably lead to acceptance, new self awareness, love and healing at a deep and profound level.

It is a pleasure to be able to recommend this book and my wish is that all of you who do read it go on to live long and happy lives.

Ian Gawler OAM, BVSs, MCouns HS
Yarra Valley, June 2010

So ... I have now been able to spend the hours of time needed to present my research and meditation experience in a form that is easy to read.

I have added a guide at the end of each chapter with the following :-

  • how you too can use meditation to support mind-body healing
  • some helpful life changes to support your healing
  • actual meditations for you to try

You can now share the journeys of these six people and go with them through their highs and lows, their difficulties and experiences and get a close up picture of how meditation can help if you have received a diagnosis of cancer.

Like them, you can find hope and acceptance, new self awareness and love.

You wonder how I know meditation encourages love and hope?

Well, I've counselled many, many people with cancer and introduced them to meditation. I've seen how, time and again, they have softened and become brighter after experiencing loving kindness meditations and discovering their essential goodness and love.

You, too, can use this illness to make changes that heal relationships and uncover deeply hidden hurts and emotions that threaten your wellbeing and health.

And how do I know that healing relationships and hurts supports body healing?

For eight years I spent all my time working exclusively in the world of cancer. I counselled cancer patients and their families. I led support groups that always began with meditation and I taught meditation. At the same time I was researching the experience of hundreds of cancer patients for my doctoral research. And at the personal level, three of my best friends had cancer and used meditation as their central healing practice and support.

This message from a cancer survivor...

Six years ago I was told I had inflammatory, invasive breast cancer and was likely to have only six months left to live!

I had been a Buddhist meditator for some years and so my first reaction was to retreat to that familiar place of stillness. It really helped! I attempted to gather together the shattered pieces of myself in shock. Aware of my deep fear, I determined to engage as much as possible with my mind until I had organised and constructed a complete 'gestalt' programme of healing. I both committed to successful healing, but detached from any particular result. I designed a comprehensive program of research, nutrition, exercise, yoga, toning and Buddhist healing practice.

Having more recently read "Threatened by Cancer: Meditation DOES help!", I can say that this book provides an excellent guide for people who want to give themselves the very best chance of healing but are unfamiliar with, or unsure, about meditation.

They may be wondering, "is it worth the effort?" As far as I am concerned, meditation was the central post supporting all my other healing strategies.

This book provides the necessary teaching and examples to support people in using basic, healing meditations to form their own centre post supporting their chosen healing strategies.

Jac-Aileen, February 2010, Queensland.

... and this is the easy to read eBook in which you can share these journeys through fear and illness to hope and love - shared journeys that will change your life ...

A word from Sylvia (taken from the research) ...

My name is Sylvia. I'm in my fifties and was a member of the collaborative research group into meditation and cancer.

I had breast cancer six years ago and was very fortunate to discover the Cancer Support Association within the first year.

I attended meetings and eventually became aware of meditation and its many benefits. My husband also became involved and it has proved invaluable during many a crisis. I did not expect any great change to take place during this research but, on reflection, I must admit that many good and positive understandings have indeed come out of it.

With the understanding of complete confidentiality, the trust and rapport with all members of our [research] group was remarkable. The size of the group was small enough to be comfortable - yet large enough for good input.

I have a great deal of respect for Jacqui and admire her for attempting such a task. I can see it working well in many areas.

We laughed, we cried, but mainly we understood "a clear understanding of Life - and Death".

A word from Lorna (taken from the research) ...

When the mention of the meditation [research] group was first put to me my ears picked up immediately. I was first in line for this one. It sounded very interesting.

I also felt it would teach me more about meditation, as at that time I had only been meditating for a short while - maybe three to four months - and felt I was only on the tip of a huge opening up to myself.

When we had our first meeting it was exciting not only to meet you, Jacqui, but everyone else too - colleagues and fellow cancer patients - all having the same common interest in using meditation for healing. As the weeks went by and we had more and more meetings, I felt our group got closer. There was a stronger feeling of support, sharing and generally opening up.

At each meeting we started our session with a meditation - varied each time because different people gave it and I certainly learned and benefited greatly from it.

Thank you Jacqui for offering this wonderful opportunity for me to partake in your research. It was fun and a great learning experience.

Stories from real experience ...

The most exciting thing for me, is that these are real stories told by everyday people about their experiences with meditation and cancer.

They are stories of reduced pain, stress relief and increased love, direction and hope.

As Dee says ... "When first diagnosed, I went through the emotions of death: the anger; the denial (though brief); the depression; confusion; and disbelief [does this sound familiar to you?] and as such it took months to work through. Meditation helped me deal with those emotions and brought forgiveness, acceptance (that the situation did exist), positiveness, clarity, hope, love, peace and harmony."

These stories will really change the way you look at things and what YOU can do when illness strikes ...

A Journey into self ...

From the first meeting of our research group it became apparent that the practice of meditation has had a significant impact on each one of us.

Every one of us stated at the beginning, and throughout the ten weeks we met, that meditation has brought increased awareness, insight and significant changes to our ways of thinking. Several of us, on different occasions, used the idea of a journey to describe this sense of developing awareness.

As Lorna says ... "Meditation helps me get deep down into myself ... layers and layers of myself. You can only change yourself. You can't change another person - it's a journey."

Or as Dee puts it ... "I've worked at working my days in a meditative state - a sort of watchful awareness. Watching my thoughts. Changing negative to positive ..."

They found that meditation helped them to come to know and believe in themselves ... and that this was really important.

They learned how to visualize healing and how to relax mind and body.

Cancer can be scary and advice confusing ... Meditation calmed the mind and pointed the way ...

So what is meditation anyway?

Meditation can come in many different forms depending on it's origins, but the meditation used in the stories in this book can best be described as 'health meditation', as taught by well known Australian cancer survivor, Ian Gawler and authors such as doctors Deepak Chopra and Carl Simonton.

These meditations include

* stress reduction and body relaxation directions

* mindfulness meditations, focusing lightly on the breath

* healing visualizations and affirmations

You can find out about ...

  • How to use the mind to promote healing
  • How meditation can help when one has a life threatening illness
  • How others with cancer found meditation
  • Dealing with strong emotions provoked by serious illness
  • How to change stressful lifestyles
  • Peace and relaxation
  • Stopping the stress of striving for perfectionism
  • How awareness of mortality encourages spiritual development
  • How mindful acceptance and relaxation reduces pain
  • Asking for help
  • How to work with sleepiness in meditation
  • Gaining a new perception of mortality and loss
  • How to deal with fear
  • When to control and when to accept
  • How to encourage hope

Seen enough?

A word from David (taken from the research) ...

"I like to feel that relaxation response - it is yummy when I do. A great feeling! It's just like changing gear!"

A word from Lilian (taken from the research) ...

"For me, going into meditation is the peace that you can take with you afterwards. You become more aware of the tenseness that is in your body. Before I started meditation I never realised that I used to clench my hands all the time. I wasn't aware of the tenseness in my jaw... I have become more aware of what the other mind thinks!"

A word from Dee (taken from the research) ...

In a good passive meditation - the most rejuvenating for me - I let go and go deeper and deeper until eventually I sense a plateau. A different dimension - like a floating in nothingness. All tension is released. All thought is gone and a beautiful peace fills my being. From this state comes answers and guidance.

A word from Sylvia (taken from the research) ...

Peace of mind isn't just airy fairy. It is sorting out things. If I go into a meditation and think of something, I do not put it from my mind. I try and think about it for a minute and deal with it. And usually when I come back to it later I can see it more fully. Usually it doesn't take a long time but it sure does help!

I'd really like to share these stories with you and, since it's an eBook, it's available immediately to download.

I've kept the price deliberately low ...

it's just $37.


And there's more:

As well as the eBook, "Threatened by Cancer? Meditation DOES Help!" you will get an audio version of two guided meditations described in the eBook.

I have recorded these guided meditations just for you. They are suitable for those without any meditation experience as well as more experienced meditators. My Meditation CD's normally sell for $19 each, but you can have these PodCast (mp3) versions as bonuses.

Not only will you be able to share these healing journeys, but you will be able to start experiencing some of these unique meditations right away.

You don't need any previous experience to be able to follow the podCasts or the extra meditations in the actual book.

Each meditation has two parts.

  • The first is an introduction to the meditation explaining how it works and what it is for.
  • The second is the meditation itself for you to practice as you listen - a guided meditation. You may only wish to listen to the introduction once or twice, but the guided meditation itself can be listened to as many times as you like - even once or twice a day.

Bonus #1 - A Guided Purification Meditation

The first meditation is a clearing and healing guided meditation.

This is an excellent meditation for supporting healing in your body and helping to clear those parts of your life that may cause you difficulty. These might be traumas from your childhood you are still hanging on to; aspects of your relationships which are not working well plus conflicts and unhelpful habits that cause all manner of pain and discomfort**.

**This guided meditation is excellent for using the mind to clear the body of cancerous tumours and other forms of disease.

Bonus #2 - A Guided Loving Kindness Meditation

The second is a Loving Kindness guided meditation.

This is an excellent meditation for increasing the love and good feeling in one's life. This can be directed towards oneself, one's close family and friends, the people you work with or even towards those whom you have difficulty with. Love is the great healer!

You can pay for it on-line and download the eBook immediately including your FREE bonuses. You can literally have the book in your hands in just a few minutes ... and remember it's just $37.


So ...

... you owe it to yourself to read these in depth, revealing stories that Lorna, Bernadette, David, Sylvia, Dee and Lillian have to tell. No time to lose!

... What price is your peace of mind?

... If you read the cancer survivor stories they are about people who listened to their intuitive wisdom and actively helped themselves!

Don't hesitate, order it now!

In any event, I wish you all the blessings in the world in the face of your challenging situation.

Warm wishes .... Jacqui

P.S. You are probably in a difficult situation and are getting advice from all directions. There's so much confusing information out there! You need a calm, clear mind to connect with your inner knowing and the answers to your own unique situation.
P.P.S. Let me remind you that you are totally covered by my 100%, "No Questions Asked" guarantee backed up by clickbank. So there is no risk to you at all. You can even keep the eBook as my gift to you in this challenging time. What are you waiting for?